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A Quick Pictorial Tour of The Record Technology Pressing Plant.


recordblur.jpg (9093 bytes)Record Technology
We get our vinyl in 2000 pound boxes.


Before we use printed labels on the press the ink
must be completely dry.  This is our custom dryer.


A close up view of stampers secured in the dies of 
one of our SMT presses.  The "A" stamper is generally 
the one on top.


The stampers must be very carefully setup to get 
the best possible records.


Before starting the press, stampers are very
 meticulously cleaned to avoid fingerprints, etc.


The process begins as labels are taken to the 
extruder to form a biscuit.

Below you can see the biscuit with labels on the 
"compression pin", but before being given the 
initial squeeze.

If you look carefully you can see the "biscuit" has 
already been dropped onto the press center pin.

The Biscuit in the initial squeeze "preform" phase.

In this picture you can see the biscuit having been 
dropped onto the center pin in the press.  In the 
foreground, notice the record being shuttled out 
of the press onto the trimmer.

Here, the trimmer plate is moving upward to secure the already pressed record for trimming to remove the excess flash.

The excess flash will be collected in a barrel for

Records are stacked and samples are inspected
at this point.  Note the static elimination bar and 
blower on the right side of this picture.

QC is one of the busiest places in the entire plant.

Spindles are cooled overnight before sleeving.



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