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A Short History of AcousTech Mastering

AcousTech Mastering was started as a joint venture between Chad Kasssem of Acoustic Sounds and Don MacInnis of Record Technology, Inc., hence the name AcousTech.  Acoustic Sounds sells high quality LPs and has its own label (Analogue Productions). RTI presses the highest quality LPs available today. Controlling the mastering process was a natural progression for both companies.

 At the time, RTI already had an acoustically isolated and treated mastering room. Adding a cutting lathe within the plating and pressing plant would allow for faster turn-around and higher quality.  The two companies joined forces in 1994 to create AcousTech Mastering. 

 The lacquer master could now be processed within minutes of being cut with test pressings generated immediately following the plating process.  What does all this mean to the consumer? It means that state-of-the-art mastering at AcousTech, coupled with the pressing and plating at RTI, one of the finest plants in the world, brings the highest quality LPs available to you.

 In 1997 AcousTech started looking to the future.  CD mastering was added.  In 2001, the room was completely rebuilt and re-equipped and mastering engineer Kevin Gray joined the team.  The new room includes 5.1 audio monitoring and video monitoring.  Dozens of  High-resolution SACD titles have been mastered at AcousTech.   5.1 Surround mastering will be available in the near future.