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Well I received three (Creedence) test pressings of these LP's last Friday from Chad (Kassem, Acoustic Sounds) and was wondering if I was hearing things. Simply put these are by a large large margin the best sounding versions of these great songs that I have ever heard. The differences are staggering. On *Lookin' out My Back Door* the utter naturalness, weight and body that simply doesn't exist elsewhere on any recording of this that I have owned . After 30 odd years of always thinking that these records could or should sound better these test pressings prove it. Whatever decisions made in the mastering of these records works just fine and once again proves that there is more to the art of record mastering than the ability to run a mastering lathe. It's time to start saving up folks cause these are the real deal. Congratulations to all involved.
  Brian Hartsell


Mikey sez:
I've just listened to the first two CCR test pressings mastered by Kevin Gray and Steve Hoffman at AcousTech mastering (at RTI) and let me tell you:
when the bass kicked in on "I Put a Spell on You" I thought I was playing a 45 at 33 1/3 it was so deep and THICK but it was 33 1/3 and when the guitars kicked in, it was WOWIE!!!!!!!!!!!! The transparency, transient SNAP and overall clarity without brightness or edge is phenomenal! This is as close to listening to a master tape as I've heard from vinyl--not hyperbole.
Based on this, I think Kevin  has put together the best sounding lathe/cutting set-up I've heard yet--better than what they were using at Future Disc for the DCC cuts and without the hum--and those were gooood of course.....the top end is just right--dynamics, depth, detail, the whole ball of waxxxxxxxxxx. I was cautiously optimistic having heard how great the Ella/Gershwin box cut there came out, but I was not prepared for THIS..... congrats to all, and now back to the other LPs........
     .................Michael Fremer, Senior contributing editor, Stereophile, Music editor, Listener