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Clients and Projects

Some of our clients:

  • Acoustic Sounds / Analogue Productions

  • Anonymous Records

  • Anomalous Records

  • Audio Fidelity

  • Aurel Elixer

  • Beat Non Stop

  • Blues Interaction

  • Chrysalis

  • Cisco Music 

  • Cold Blue Records

  • Comatonse Records 

  • Eclipse Records 

  • EMI Records

  • Fat Wreck Chords 

  • First Impressions

  • Higher Octave Records

  • Low Rez Records 

  • Ms. Pinky 

  • Music Matters (Blue Note)

  • Nettwerk America

  • Pacific Coast House Music

  • Pure Pleasure

  • Pacific Trax 

  • Rhino

  • Robotic Empire

  • Saddle Creek

  • Speakers Corner 

  • Stanton Magnetics

  • Sub Pop

  • Table of the Elements

  • 360 Enterprises

  • Tigerbeat 6 

  • Ultra-Vybe

  • Universal

  • Warner Brothers

  • Zod Records


Some previous releases: 

  • Pink Floyd “Dark Side of the Moon” 30th Anniversary reissue on vinyl for EMI (UK and the world)

  • Creedence Clearwater Revival catalog on vinyl and SACD for Acoustic Sounds

  • Numerous classical, jazz, pop and folk releases on vinyl and SACD for Cisco music (US and Japan)

  • The Top 25 Fantasy Jazz titles on 2-disk 45 rpm vinyl for Acoustic Sounds

  • Numerous rock, jazz, pop, and blues titles on SACD and vinyl for Audio Fidelity

  • Numerous jazz titles on vinyl for Speakers Corner (Germany)


We have mastered many amazing new releases and reissues since we last updated.  
Here are some that we are very proud of:

Warner Brothers (all for vinyl LP, various speeds and weights):

  • James Taylor: Sweet Baby James

  • James Taylor: Mudslide Slim

  • Joni Mitchell: Blue

  • Van Morrison: Moon Dance

  • Van Morrison: His Street Band and Choir

  • Van Morrison: Astral Weeks

  • Donald Fagen: Morph the Cat

  • Red Hot Chili Peppers: Stadium Arcadium

  • Metallica: Metallica

  • Green Day: Dookie

Acoustic Sounds / Blue Note (all 45 rpm vinyl and SACD) Over 30 titles so far:

  • John Coltrane: Blue Train

  • Art Blakey: Moanin'

  • Art Taylor: AT's Delight

  • Kenny Burrell: Midnight Blue

  • Lee Morgan: Leeway

  • Kenny Dorham: Whistle Stop

  • Jackie McLean: Capuchin Swing

  • Dexter Gordon: Dexter Calling

  • Sonny Rollins: Vol. 2

  • Grant Green: Idle Moments

  • The 3 Sounds: Bottom's Up

 Music Matters / Blue Note (all 45 rpm 180 gram vinyl LP) Over 40 titles so far and still counting. 

  • The reviews on these Blue Notes have been amazing.

  • Here are a few favorites:

  • Art Blakey: The Big Beat

  • Lou Donaldson: LD+3

  • Lee Morgan: Tomcat

  • Hank Mobley: Soul Station

  • Curtis Fuller: The Opener

  • Dexter Gordon: Doin' All Right

  • Grant Green: Matador

  • Jackie McLean: Bluesnik

  • Horace Silver: Cape Verdean Blues

  • Sonny Clark: Cool Struttin'

 Audio Fidelity (Gold CD-HDCD)

  • The Doors: The Soft Parade

  • The Doors: Morrison Hotel

  • Alice Cooper: School's Out

  • Alice Cooper: Killer

  • Vince Guaraldi: Greatest Hits

  • Deep Purple: In Rock

  • The Cars: Heartbeat City

  • The Band: The Band
    Linda Ronstadt: Heart Like a Wheel

  • The Beach Boys: Pet Sounds

 ...and on (180 gram vinyl)

  • Jethro Tull: Live at Montreux

  • J. Geils: Live -Full House

  • Cat Stevens: Majikat

  • Romones: It's Alive




 Here are a few comments from reviewers and clients:

  Reissue producer Steve Hoffman had this to say about Kevin Gray and AcousTech:

 “Kevin is the guy who knows everything,” Hoffman said. “He knows what to do, and he’s made sure that his room is absolutely state-of-the-art. And I don’t mean that in an audiophile sort of way. I mean that everything is neutral in there. The sound is neutral. The tonality of his cutting lathe is neutral. And that’s what we need because we feed into the system what we want the music to sound like, and that’s what it ends up like. When you listen to the Creedence LPs you hear that it sounds pretty damned close to the master tapes, and that’s what I wanted. I don’t think I could have done that anywhere else, and I wouldn’t have wanted to do it anywhere else.”


Michael Fremer, Senior Contributing Editor, Stereophile,  and Music Editor, Listener had this to say:  “This is as close to listening to a master tape as I've heard from vinyl--not hyperbole... …Based on this, I think Kevin  has put together the best sounding lathe/cutting set-up I've heard yet.”


Richard Foster,  editor of the Phonogram Newsletter had this to say about the AcousTech mastered reissue of Pink Floyd's "Dark Side of the Moon":
In my opinion, in every way this new release is superior. Period. The biggest thing I immediately noticed was the CLARITY. Openness, clarity, transients, clarity, punch, clarity, bass (not overwhelming..it just sounds right) oh...and did I mention clarity? Bells, breathing, cash register, it's just terrific. ...Based upon what I am hearing (this is the 3rd time I've played it) it's definitely now my preferred pressing....and there is no doubt anyone who likes this classic album, will want a copy.