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Our philosophy is to provide the most transparent audio system possible.  Any desired coloration, therefore, may be added by signal processing, not the system itself.  In order to fulfill this goal, most of the analog electronics were built from scratch.  Our system features custom transformerless, discrete, pure Class-A electronics from tape head to cutterhead.  It was designed to retain all of the warmth, punch and detail recorded on your master.


  • Sony 707 CD transport

  • Panasonic SV-3700 transport

  • Sonic Solutions HD system for cutting from wav and AIFF hi rez files.  Supports up to 192 Hz/24 bit.

  • Pacific Microsonics Model 2 D/A converter

  • TC Electronic D22 digital delay

  • Studer A-80 MKII ¼” and ½” playback deck w/ custom transformerless electronics and modified to accept 14” reels

Cutting System:

  • Neumann VMS-66 lathe

  • Technics SP-02 turntable motor

  • Zuma ZMS-1 “groove” computer

  • SX-74 Cutterhead

  • Class- A cutting system including 300 w.p.c. cutting amps.


  • Custom Class-A amplification.  Features A/B switching

  • 2) Sontec MES432C parametric equalizers

  • Ortophon STL-732 treble regulator

  • Echoplate II reverb plate

Digital Equipment:

  • Sonic Solutions HD digital workstation

  • Pacific Microsonics Model 2 A/D  D/A converter.

  • Weiss EQP-1 Mark 2 digital parametric equalizer

  • Waves L2 digital limiter

  • Wadia WA4000 Ultra Analog A/D converter

  • Panasonic SV-3900 DAT recorder

  • VTL Ultra Analog  D/A converter

  • Alesis Masterlink CD Hi Rez recorder/player

  • Tascam DV-RA1000HD High Definition Audio Master Recorder (PCM and DSD)

Monitor System:

  • Cohearent Audio & Video HLD-124 5.1 monitor system.
    This is a 4 way, tri-amplified, loudspeaker system.  It utilizes JBL woofers for sub and bass and Dynaudio domes for
    mid and treble.  Custom amplifiers provide almost 5000 watts of extremely clean power.  Bandwidth is 14Hz to 40kHz.