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P l a t i n g  D i a g r a m

Shown here are enlarged characterizations of the recorded grooves starting with the master lacquer through full "process plating" to the final pressed record

M a s t e r  L a c q u e r

A music source is fed to a mastering lathe and the modulated signal causes the grooves to be cut in the master lacquer. The master lacquer, although slightly larger, appears very much like a finished LP without labels. The master lacquer is then put in electroplating, where the metal master is made (to eliminate groove deterioration).

M e t a l  M a s t e r

From each master lacquer only one metal master can be plated, from which the metal mother is plated.

M e t a l  M o t h e r

Metal mothers can be "pulled" from the one metal master from which metal stampers are plated.

M e t a l  S t a m p e r s

Metal stampers (the manufacturing press discs) can be "pulled" from each metal mother and from each stamper approximately 500 to 1,000 finished records can be pressed.
P r e s s e d   L P  R e c o r d

    RTILOGO1.JPG (11604 bytes)