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AcousTech Mastering Re-Opens!

AcousTech Mastering is very pleased to announce the reopening of our facility in Camarillo, California. We are also pleased to announce the addition of Kevin Gray to head our staff. Kevin has nearly 30 years experience in the mastering field with dozens of gold and platinum records to his credit. Most recently he handled all the vinyl mastering (as well as most CD mastering) at Future Disc Systems in Hollywood, where he cut the Grammy winning Dance Record of the Year in 1998(Madonna) and 1999(Cher).
The new facility has taken 9 months to rebuild and re-equip. An entirely new disk cutting system and console has been built utilizing all discrete, pure class-A, transformerless amplification from input to cutter head. Analog signal processing includes Sontec MES-432C EQs and an Ortophon STL-732 de--esser, custom filtering and compression. A Neumann VMS-66 lathe with Technics SP-02 motor, Zuma computer and sx- 74 cutterhead complete the disk system. Input sources include CD, DAT, Sony PCM 1630 and either 1/4" or 1/2" analog via a highly modified Studer A-80 preview transport. (It has been modified to accept 14" reels.) 
A Sonic Sotutions work station with Pacific Microsonics Model Two A-D/D-A convertor (HDCD if desired), Weiss EQ and Waves 1-2 compression has been added for CD mastering. A choice of CDR, Exabyte or 1630 is available for CD masters. The finishing touch is a totally new acoustic environment incorporating Cohearent Audio four-way, tri-amplified 5.1 monitor system. This system is very flat from 14Hz to 40kHz and is ultra clean. Now you can hear every nuance on your master! 
The best mastering room in L.A. isn't in L.A. It 's just 40 minutes north, right off the 101 Freeway! 

Give us a call at (805) 484-2749 .

Preparing Your Master Tapes by Kevin Gray
Producing and Cutting Professional LPs by Kevin Gray
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