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Close Up Photography of Record Grooves

In the picture below, notice the fifth groove from the top.  It almost completely closes and lifts off the disc.

In the picture below, the same program has been cut with a 70-Hz crossover blend, reducing frequencies below 70 Hz to mono.


In the above picture, the top groove has left channel information only.  The 2nd & 3rd have right channel information only.  The 4th & 5th groove have in-phase information in both channels.  The last 2 grooves also have information in both channels but the information is out of phase.


Above picture is a tone sweep from low frequency (top) to high frequency.  Note the pronounced increase in curvature as the frequency increases.


These 2 pictures are of the same program material.  The one at the top is cut on the outside of the disc.  The one at the bottom is cut on the inner portion.  Notice the radical curvature in the loud percussion as the program starts (top) and how crowded the groove excursions are.


The wild excursions noticed in the 6th full groove from the right will cause a skip on many questionable turntables, yet track fine on a well maintained system.

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